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How to project on artificial intelligence for school students

How are you all friends? Hope all are well by God's grace. Today we will discuss artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence.

How to project on artificial intelligence for school students

Artificial Intelligence or artificial intelligence is known as AI (AI) for short. Artificial intelligence is the process of artificially transforming human thoughts into computers or computer-based devices.

Artificial intelligence is now recognized as a branch of computer science.

In this branch, human thinking is used through computers to use incomplete information to reach complete decisions, solve complex problems, formulate plans, and research.

As you all know, the computer has no intelligence of its own. A computer cannot do anything by itself.

The machine does only what it is told to do. In order for the computer to work, programming has to be set from the outside. Computers can only operate on the information and programs stored in them.

Cannot act independently when faced with a problem or in the light of a problem.

In case of any problem, the computer can make its own decisions, so that many problems are solved inside it. This is called artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence.

If we think of a robot, the intelligence of the robot is artificial intelligence.

As a result of the application of artificial intelligence, robots can perform any simple or difficult task according to human instructions.

What the robot has to do is programmed from the outside. The robot performs its tasks as per those instructions.

Robots cannot do any work by themselves. Artificial intelligence is inputted from outside to control the robot.

But let's go into more detail about Artificial Intelligence.

Normal programs cannot acquire knowledge, but some machines or programs are designed to learn on their own.

These are what we call intelligent programs or intelligent programming machines. For example, we can talk about Google. When we type something in Google and search it, Google is our age.

Displays search results based on location and past search history.

How did Google do it?

Google already knows which user is more interested in which topic. Google has saved its past activities in its database.

Later, when he searches by typing a keyword, the results he likes will appear in his search results. In this case, he will not get any unnecessary things. Google has done this through artificial intelligence.

Let me give you one more example. That is about Google or Facebook ads.

You'll notice that the ads you love or are most interested in show up on your YouTube videos or Facebook.

Facebook and Google save your activities in their database to show you the ads you want.

Which then displays ads to you through artificial intelligence. As a result, you don't get any unnecessary ads on digital platforms.

Artificial intelligence brings you the ads you want.

Artificial Intelligence is divided into three categories.

1. ANI or Artificial Narrow Intelligence: Artificial narrow intelligence is skilled in a specific subject. For example, a machine is only for playing chess, in this case the machine can only play chess.

If he is allowed to play Ludo instead of chess, the machine cannot do this. Although playing Ludu is not more difficult than chess. We can call artificial narrow intelligent as the first step of artificial intelligence.

2. AGI or artificial general intelligence: This is the second stage of artificial intelligence.

This is called Strong Artificial Intelligent or Human level AI. In this process, a computer acquires the ability to think like a human, plan like a human, and adapt to the environment when a problem suddenly arises.

3. ASI or Artificial Super Intelligent: Artificial super intelligent is the third stage of artificial intelligence. If the computer becomes more intelligent than humans then we will call it artificial super intelligent.

Artificial intelligence is programmed and input into a device.

Programming languages ​​LISP, C/C+, PROLONG, CLISP, JAVA etc. Artificial intelligence is implemented using these programming languages. Robots are an example of a practical application of artificial intelligence.

Besides, artificial intelligence is currently being used in computers and digital devices. As a result, computer thoughts are becoming like humans.

Humans cannot multitask, but applying artificial intelligence to a computer can make it perform many tasks at the same time faster. The application of artificial intelligence results in machines having the ability to think, know and plan.

Use of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is widely used nowadays. An example of artificial intelligence is seen in computer or video games.

Here artificial intelligence is provided to the characters of this game using different programming languages.

As a result, the characters of the games perform various tasks in accordance with the thoughts and activities of the game users.

Nowadays artificial intelligence is used in every device. Today's smartphones use artificial intelligence or (AI)-enabled cameras.

Besides, another practical example of artificial intelligence is virtual reality.

Artificial intelligence is used in virtual reality technology. I did another tune about virtual reality. Click here to know what is virtual reality.

Friends this was a little idea about Artificial Intelligence. Hope you like the tune. Thanks for reading the full tune. See you in the next tune with something new inshallah. Until then stay tuned to TechTunes.

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