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Reasons for decreasing likes on Facebook and ways to get more likes on Facebook

Reasons for decreasing likes on Facebook and ways to get more likes on Facebook

The most asked question of those who do business on Facebook is, what is the way to get more likes on Facebook?

Although a new question has already been added in addition to asking this question, what is the reason for the decrease in likes on Facebook?

Around 2022, Facebook made major changes to their algorithm. And in this algorithm,

Those whose content is more interesting, post regularly and their number of likes increases.

A survey shows that even if a page has 1000 likes, a post reaches only 0.09% of people.

It means to reach the rest of the people, you need to increase the reach by paying money to Facebook for paid marketing. And if the reach increases, the likes will also increase. What a situation!

The reason for the decrease in likes on Facebook

If you want to know the reason for the decrease in likes on Facebook or how to get more likes on Facebook, you first need to know about the Facebook algorithm. Basically, all the questions we can get answered through this article are:

What does the Facebook algorithm mean?

Analyzing Facebook History

Reasons for decreasing likes on Facebook and ways to get more likes on Facebook

(2022) How is the Facebook algorithm working?

How does the Facebook algorithm work?

About Unknown Facts About Facebook Algorithms

1. What does the Facebook algorithm mean?

It is primarily the job of the Facebook algorithm to determine what each Facebook user will see in their news feed each day. Facebook checks our activity through machine learning. Which post do we like-comment more, what time are we on Facebook, and what do we search about?

Stores this information and shows information to us based on it. And this part of the algorithm determines what a Facebook user likes to see most in their feed.

In other words,

Because, every time a new post comes in the news feed, it makes people more interested in their favourite posts.

This process happens almost every time. You may be surprised to know that 4.7 billion Facebook users refresh their news feeds almost every day.

But many of us Facebook users don't know that Facebook controls what we see in the newsfeed.

Almost all types of social media algorithms have one goal: to deliver the most amount of ads to the user while keeping the user engaged on Facebook all the time.

2. How will the Facebook algorithm work from 2022?

In January 2022, Facebook released new data for its algorithm. Let's learn about how the Facebook algorithm works.

First, Facebook brings each post to its network of subscribers. Each post is commented on, who posted it, recency and criteria. often seen

Reasons for decreasing likes on Facebook and ways to get more likes on Facebook

 Posted on our favourite careers page at 10 am but you logged on to Facebook at 10 pm?

But you regularly read our favourite career Facebook page! So, will you miss the text?

In one word, the answer is no, because that's what Facebook's new algorithm is all about, showing you what you like no matter where you come from. In addition to increasing your familiarity with each post,

Facebook takes care of other things. Facebook does a cross-section, bringing interesting varieties to the fore.

This method helps us get the top posts in our feed.

The Facebook algorithm considers 4 things in this case. Namely:

Relationship: When a person, a businessman, or a celebrity makes a post, how do their followers follow them? (eg: messages, tags, engagements)

Content-Type: What types of media does the post contain? Exactly which type of media creates more attraction among consumers? Media refers to pictures, videos and text.

Popularity: How are followers reacting to your posts? Are they sharing it? Commenting? Or ignoring and reacting angrily?

Reasons for decreasing likes on Facebook and ways to get more likes on Facebook

Category: What's new in this post?

Of course in most posts, the type of post is determined based on customer reactions.

Where there is privacy as well as personalization is considered. And as a result, Facebook users stay on Facebook longer. As a result, it also works as a way to get more likes on Facebook.

Finally, in 2021, Facebook is again collecting customer identities and interests. Due to which customers need exactly what type of advertisement, when,

They can do it easily using various tools. Because no marketer likes their ad or content to be bad and customers dislike it.

Now let's know how different companies and brands are meeting their targets at this time. Getting more likes on Facebook.

Ways to get more likes on Facebook

1. Reply regularly to your Ordinance

When you want to increase your customer base, you must have good communication with your customers.

Because the new algorithm finds connections with posts on different pages, who is interacting with them?

So for your communication, you have to interact with customers and followers.

When a post has more than one comment in the conversation, they can exchange messages with each other through Facebook's action-bumping logic. And your post reaches more people.

When a person takes the time to inquire about your product, the moment must not be delayed.

Listen to them, keep them happy and encourage them to buy your product. Remember, it works a lot as a way to get more likes on Facebook.

2. Encourage followers to give Love React

For several years, Facebook only chose the Like option as a reactor. It has become modern with time.

Reasons for decreasing likes on Facebook and ways to get more likes on Facebook

Currently, posts are now given emojis like love, care, sadness, anger etc. You will understand by looking at the picture below. If you want to make such an image,

Must know graphic design. For this, you can read the complete guide to taking graphic design courses and becoming a graphic designer.

3. Post when everyone is online

Definitely, most customers won't want to miss it. So when Facebook followers log into Facebook, the Facebook algorithm is new

You can see the posts. That's why as a way to get more likes on Facebook, you need to take care that exactly at what time your customers log into Facebook.

Below is the list of times during which there are more users on Facebook. It is one of the ways to get more likes on Facebook.

time of day

Fri 8am, 12pm & 3pm

Sat 12 noon to 3 pm

Sunday 12 noon and 1 p.m

Mon 12 noon and 3 p.m

Tue 8 am and 12 noon

Wed 12 noon and 3 p.m

Thursday 12 noon, 1 am to 3 am and 8 pm

When posting to Facebook

4. Using Facebook Stories

Basically, Facebook Stories are not part of Facebook's News Feed. So stories don't use their algorithm.

According to Facebook, they make every effort to drive traffic. So research shows that almost 58% of customers log into the website after seeing a story on any business page.

What kind of stories should you post now? By studying Facebook, it is understood that they prioritize 3 types of stories in terms of brands

1.52% of customers like all kinds of stories.

50% of customers like to see new products.

3.46% like to see tips and tricks.

5. Try trending your brand in Facebook groups

One of the major advantages of running a business group on Facebook is that everyone can share their product pros, cons, and company reviews.

When it comes to connecting with your customers, followers and community, this offers a huge opportunity.

This is a second medium where you can easily reach your customers. The Facebook algorithm basically checks how popular a group is by looking at a group activity.

6. facebook live

In 2020, almost everyone was confined to their homes, so this is the time when people come to Facebook Live and spend the most time. Research shows that nearly 50% of people in the United States join Facebook Live every day.

Because life has 6 times more engagement than any normal video. Any virtual event,

When it comes to product promotion, Facebook Live works the most. So, come live from the page regularly as a way to get more likes on Facebook.

7. Become everyone's favourite

You know what? Every Facebook user has favourite pages and some groups.

An algorithm that makes suggestions based on a list of preferences. It basically checks through Facebook's algorithm which pages are liked the most by customers.

8. Post video

Videos have more reach than posters. For several years, Facebook has been using the video option to increase its visibility.

Basically, customers can interact the most through video. Video plays an essential role in personal branding or page branding.

9. Avoid posting bad things

Never post any kind of bad things. Because what you dislike,

When you post something like that, it will be quite embarrassing for everyone. In this, you will lose your follower count as well as yours

A negative perception of everyone will be born. Be it personal branding or professional branding it is not right at all. And it is one of the reasons for the decrease in likes on Facebook.

10. Try to expand your network

It is often seen that employees have more followers than pages in any business.

So you always notice it. Promote your products to your followers through your employees.

You will gradually improve your position and increase your number of followers.


This was a short write-up today on how to get more likes on Facebook and the reasons for the decrease in Facebook likes. If you want to know more about this topic then you can check out the Top 5 Facebook Marketing Free Courses.

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