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Rabbit Loader #Lifetime Deal #Rabbit Loader 😀#AppSumo Pricing & Features

😀#Rabbit Loader #Lifetime Deal #Rabbit Loader 😀#AppSumo Pricing & Features

Hello and welcome to my video where I'm

what do rabbits like to eat

going to be going over the rabbit loader

lifetime deal which you can get on

app sumo if you'd like to follow along

with me and check out the details

yourself I will leave a link in the

description and if you click that you'll

get taken to a page that looks very

similar to this so rabbit loader is all

about speeding up the load times for

your WordPress and woocommerce site if

you haven't seen my review excellent

the product i will leave a link deeper into

the description that talks about and

shows you pretty much my experience very

quickly what it's all about and what you

can expect for this most specifically i

do want to talk about what you get with

😀#Rabbit Loader #Lifetime Deal #Rabbit Loader 😀#AppSumo Pricing & Features

this lifetime deal so plans and features

it says the deal terms and conditions

you get lifetime access to the rabbit loader

all future hopper plan updates no codes

no stacking just choose the plan that's

right for you, you must activate your

license within 60 days of purchase get

the ability to upgrade or downgrade

between four licensed tiers, it's only

for new rabbit loader users who do not

have existing accounts and only one

activation per WordPress URL you can

delegate user permissions using the

😀#Rabbit Loader #Lifetime Deal #Rabbit Loader 😀#AppSumo Pricing & Features

The delegate access feature is okay so here's

what's included you get a WordPress

plugin so it's very easy to use once you

get started they give you the plugin

you add it you put it in your email and

pretty much from there, it asks you if

your website uses ads or not and then of

course you just sit there and wait for

it to do its thing and it doesn't take

too long in my opinion but I talked

about that in a review so it's

woocommerce compatible page speed score

booster above the fold CSS for every

page a few other things like lazy

loading which is really good that means

when someone scrolls down the pictures

aren't going to load until they get to

them that means it's going to overall

the faster loading speed because it

doesn't need to load every picture all

at once a few other things but I want to

😀#Rabbit Loader #Lifetime Deal #Rabbit Loader 😀#AppSumo Pricing & Features

get into the license tiers

so first and foremost something i

absolutely love about rabbit loader is

that even their license tier one which

is a one-time purchase of 59

it comes with all the features like all

the tiers talk about above with this you

get 100 gigabytes of monthly traffic

bandwidth but what I love the most is

the fact that you get five websites I've

used other alternatives and usually you

got to pay for each specific website i

really like the fact that you can use it

on five just getting started which is

pretty cool that there are 25-page rules and of

course unlimited page views from there

on up it gets better and better if you

want to go with a second-tier license

😀#Rabbit Loader #Lifetime Deal #Rabbit Loader 😀#AppSumo Pricing & Features

you're looking at unlimited websites

page rules and page views and from every

license going up you're going to have

more monthly traffic bandwidth for this

is going to be 250 gigabytes for the license

license 4 which is one terabyte which is

a lot of traffic so that's really going

to be up to you but like I said I think

it's great that at least the first tier

comes with five websites instead of

limiting you to just one which I've seen

many times before but all in all those

are the main details when it comes to

rabbit loader and their lifetime deal

once again the link is down below and if

If you want to check out my review that is

also going to be deeper into the

a description where you can check that out

and of course, get my honest thoughts and

opinions about the plugin before you get

started that's about it if you have any

questions feel free to leave a comment

down below thank you so much for

watching my name is James and I'll see

you in my next blog😀

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