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How to make money from facebook marketplace

How to make money from facebook marketplace

top selling items on facebook marketplace 2022

The popularity of Facebook nowadays is undoubtedly enviable. Facebook has 2.60 billion monthly users and 1.73 billion daily users in 2020. 60.6% of internet users use Facebook.

From these data of Facebook, it is easily assumed that Facebook is now in its full youth. Therefore, the attraction of digital marketers towards Facebook is also very high.

This social media that rules the world has not only smoothed the way to communicate with people in various ways but also opened up various means for earning. Today we will tell you about some media.

The main means of income from Facebook are divided into 3 parts,

1. Income from Facebook Page

2. Income from Facebook groups and

3. Alternative income.

Earn from Facebook page

1) Sponsor posts

If you have a page with a good amount of active followers, you can easily earn money by doing sponsored posts.

Also if your page is very good single topic based then you can get sponsored posts from different big companies too.

How to make money from facebook marketplace

However, in the case of sponsored posts, it is very important to have a lot of likes as well as a good number of active users.

2) Sell own products

If you own an organization or shop or you just want to open a shop online, then a Facebook page is the best way for you.

If you deliver on time, it is not impossible to earn millions of rupees per month through your Facebook page.

However, your page must have a large number of followers and enough people to deliver on time

3) Selling page likes

If your page has lots of likes then it will be very easy for you to get clients who are ready to pay thousands for a certain number of likes.

But you cannot direct it. First, you need to create a gig on Fiverr, Peopleperhour or some such freelancing site; From where you can sell likes to your clients.

4) Affiliate Marketing

From Bangladesh Daraz or Bishop or internationally Amazon, eBay, ShareASale, Commission Junction - etc affiliate programs can sell products through the Facebook page.

Most affiliate companies pay 8-10% commission per product. That is, if you sell a product of 10000 rupees, you get a commission of 1000 rupees. In this way, the more products you can sell, the more profit you can make.

5) Drives page traffic

If you have a Bengali or English website or a YouTube channel, you can drive traffic to your Facebook page or group's website or YouTube channel.

How to make money from facebook marketplace

If you have Google AdSense added to your website or YouTube channel, you can easily earn a lot of money by driving traffic from your Facebook page. Also, there is a wide range of income from websites or blogs.

6) Sell Facebook pages

It may sound a little strange, but many people create Facebook pages just for sales. A page with lakhs of likes or followers can be sold for at least twenty thousand rupees or more.

However, the amount of money depends on the topic of the page and active users. So creating a specific topic-based page is essential for a good profit.

7) Monetize the page

You can monetize your Facebook page if you have a few 3 min+ videos on your page, you are at least 18 years old and your page has at least 10k likes.

But to get Facebook ads on your videos you need to achieve at least one of the following milestones in the last 60 days,

• Your posts should have at least 15 thousand engagements,

• All videos must have a minimum watch time of 1 lakh 80 thousand minutes OR,

• 3 min+ videos must have 30k 1 min+ views.

If the above conditions are fulfilled, Ad-break will be added to your Facebook page videos and you will be able to easily earn 5-6 figures monthly Inshallah.

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