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How to do YouTube Video SEO?

How to do YouTube Video SEO?

Basically today's article is for all my friends and those who want to rank their videos on YouTube. If you are concerned about YouTube video SEO, read today's article carefully and apply these practices to your channel's videos and channels. If you want to know how to do SEO but don't do it, you won't succeed.

The most realistic thing is that you will be successful on YouTube only if you work hard to create good quality content. Your good quality content can suit your affair which can also suddenly go viral. But today we will share some tricks here for professional YouTubers. Strategies that YouTube channel owners or YouTube content creators need to follow.

Let's learn some tricks!

Let us then move to the main part of today's article. And from here try to learn how a professional YouTuber can optimize his channel and YouTube videos to get search engines. Basically this is based on YouTube search engine algorithm. Many cleverly apply different techniques due to which YouTube gets labeled as me. In this case, many channels get banned or videos are deleted from the platform. So we will not do any spamming. We will try to follow the same procedures as the professionals do.

YouTube SEO

How to do YouTube Video SEO?
I will try to explain as simply as possible. After that there will be noon who will have questions. You can tell in the comment box below. Or you can live chat directly on Messenger.

01.   To customize YouTube video titles:

You might be thinking that just write a nice title Need to customize again? Actually that is not the case. Titles play a huge role in getting more views of your video. That's why customizing the title is so important. Did you know that your YouTube income depends on the title? Yes, you heard right. Only views do not earn money. Earning depends on CTR (Click Through Rate). But even if there is no CTR, some money is earned depending on impressions.


How to optimize YouTube video titles?

You need to choose a title for your YouTube video. The main feature of the title should exist within your video. We often think of the YouTube SEO algorithm as stupid. In fact, YouTube has many powerful tools that can make your video readable in seconds. When YouTube's algorithm starts reading your video content, it looks for matches between your video title and video description. The keyword you target in your title can read the number of times you mention the keyword in your video.

If the keyword used in your video is present in the title and description, YouTube presents your video to the appropriate viewers. If your content is spamming related. That is, if the title and description do not match your content, then the YouTube algorithm moves your content to the spambox. It works like a draft.

In this case your video may be live on YouTube but your video will not appear in organic search results. So of course you need to do keyword research for your videos carefully. And according to the keywords you need to create YouTube videos. Also, the video content should be optimized with the appropriate keywords.

Rules for using titles correctly:

·         Using the right keywords

·         Do not use any unnecessary keywords

·         Give a title of at least 5 words

·         Title within 60 characters is better

·         Try to use the main keyword at the beginning of the title

·         Do not use hash tags in titles.


How to do YouTube Video SEO?

02.   Write a description

description. Most of us YouTubers find writing descriptions too difficult. But what is important after the title is the description. Try to write a description of at least 200 to 300 words on each video. Of course, don't make the mistake of using the main keyword and a few auxiliary keywords with the

03.   Research YouTube video tags:

Not without saying a word. All of us YouTubers are busy with tags We think that using more tags will make "Video Rank". But tags are not so important for YouTube video views. But they definitely help us.


I mean it simply. Everything should be added in the right amount in the curry, then the cooked curry will taste good. Not only if you are busy with masala. Giving the right amount of salt is also mandatory.

04.   Audience Retention for YouTube SEO:

A very important thing. Everything is given correctly. But there is no audience retention. Then never rank your video. Your video must be informative and quality to increase audience retention. Audience retention is measured by how long your audience watches the video.

05.   Use video meta titles and meta tags:

These are Advanced SEO for YouTube. If you apply them correctly, your video views will

surely increase.

How to use meta title and meta tag?

I will not write about it in detail. Because it is a practical matter. It will be good if you can show the work by hand. I am adding a video below for you.


I will try to make 3 to 4 tutorials on this. You can subscribe to the channel to get notifications when videos are uploaded.

Trying to give you basic idea through video.


How to do YouTube Video SEO?

You all can understand the details by watching the video here. But surely those who have knowledge about it will understand very easily.

06.   Adding YouTube video thumbnails:

Most viewers click on the video after seeing the thumbnail. You add a professional thumbnail that attracts the audience. Your video will likely get more clicks. Don't forget to add meta titles and tags to thumbnails as well as videos. These help the YouTube SEO algorithm understand what your video is based on.

07.   Distributing backlinks:

Add a link in your description to any other site relevant to your YouTube video topic. Google and YouTube algorithms can read them. Adding an informative link along with the video content is called backlink sharing.

Final message about YouTube videos [YouTube SEO]

I have tried to discuss in very simple language. If you apply today's 7 techniques correctly regularly. Surely you will get quick success in your YouTube career.

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