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How toSecure The Bundle Package That’s Right For You Below

Secure The Bundle Package That’s Right For You Below

EXCLUSIVE Bundle Packages For Adtivate That Are NOT Available ANYWHERE Else

(This is TRULY a PRIVATE offer, so please DO NOT share this page)

In this activate review I'm gonna be showing you software that you can

Install on the websites that will allow you to take a boring website and

Monetize it so that not only are you creating great content but you're

getting paid as well and make sure you stay until the end of this review as I'm

also going to show you all the different otos and upgrades and how you can get a

special bundle discount on the entire sales funnel if you're new to my channel

You are inside jvzoo after purchasing through the link

These reviews are every day so you can get the next best deals

Program Courses if at any time during this review you would like to refer to

activate just go ahead and click the link below also please like this video

It really helps my YouTube channel and I appreciate and do it

If you buy this through my link, all these rewards are waiting for you

Make sure to hit that subscribe button and notify the bell, well, the last thing before

you inside jvzoo after purchasing through my link

okay let's take a look at the sales page here together it says tired of your

sites not making enough or any money at all new three-step WordPress plug-in

Turn any website into a profit-making machine with quick and easy publishing

high converting offers in under 60 seconds so you can dominate your niche

while our plugin handles all your monetization for you so essentially what

this software does is it allows you to monetize your website it has multiple

different ways of doing that whether you're putting advertisements as in like

affiliate ads whether you have your own products if you've got like Adsense that

you want to put on your sites it takes boring sites and makes them into

monetized sites you can instantly monetize any site in multiple different

ways automatically add profitable offers to your site in under 60 seconds uh you

quickly add Adsense affiliate offers zero not for CPA offers a call to actions

uh and they even had an ad creator included inside so you don't have to

worry like if you're like I don't know how to create an ad they have it

included they've agency rights included so you can actually monetize your client

sites as well and get paid for that and they have a geo-targeting feature

EXCLUSIVE Bundle Packages For Adtivate That Are NOT Available ANYWHERE Else

meaning that you can show different ads to different people all over the

a world so you might not want to show the same ad to someone in the united states

that you'd want to show to someone in Australia depending on the kind of ads

that you are running here so you do need to have a WordPress website I'm going to

say that multiple times here because you need a WordPress website this is a

WordPress plugin so you got to put it on a WordPress website in order to make

For this work, most people should have a WordPress

website by now if you don't set one up step one download and install our

WordPress plugin step two easily create and add your offers or AdSense code into

In the software step three, you can set your displayed desired displayed settings

and watch your plugin instantly turn your sites into a profit-pulling machine

of course, it's gonna depend upon what your site is it's not like it can

automatically make you money but it will make it so that all your pages are

monetized so that any kind of traffic you are getting even if it's just a

With a little bit of traffic, you're able to monetize that as well now

as far as what this does you can see here it will add your ads on into

different places here like this are how other sites are being monetized by

putting like these big banners on their sites uh that that's why these sites are

making money because they've got these ads all over their sites and now you can

do the same thing that these big sites are doing without having to pay a ton of

money and have a special designer do it for you so you can take a

site like this and make it so it has big ads on it like this or and even an

ad right here or a site like this and make it so it has ads on it like this that

are actually going to get people to Click on them that's the important part

is that you're doing this in a way where your ads aren't going to be hidden away

you're going to put them into places that have been proven to click uh put

them in places that have been proven to convert as well here so

this has some more of the features on here and you can take a look at this uh

when you come to the sales page here uh

here are some other alternatives that are out there but these ones cost uh it's

like 34 just for one site license with only one year of updates uh another one

here is 57 for one site with only six months of support another one here is 47

per year uh and it doesn't come with a banner creator so there are other

alternatives but this one have the most value in it as it has more sites uh

it has access to the built-in banner creator etc so there are two

different offers here you can get the two-site license or the five site

license the five site's gonna come with the extra bonuses here like the agency

access and it's gonna come with the uh all the different uh support and

everything here as well here so of course the price is gonna be different

depending upon when you come to this page here so just pay attention the

the price that is not the price you see on the sales page but the price that you

actually, see when you get to the sales page so what I'm going to do now is put

you a quick video explaining this a little bit more then I'm going to come

back and show you the backend area and the otos hey guys Joshua Zamora here and

if you're tired of your sites not making enough or any money at all you're going

to want to pay close attention to this video and this page that you're on the right

now because on this page, we're going to reveal our new three-step WordPress

a plugin that turns any site into a profit-pulling machine quickly and easily

deploying high converting offers in under 60 seconds so that you can

dominate your niche while our plug-in handles all of your monetizations for you

what you're going to see on this page is going to allow you to instantly monetize

any site in multiple different ways you'll be able to automatically add

profitable offers to your sites under the profit you make from every site you

own or manage you'll be able to quickly add AdSense affiliate offers to your own

offers CPA offers a call to action or anything you'd like all over your sites

you'll be unlocking our powerful ad creator as a huge limited-time bonus

which will allow you to quickly create and deploy ads in seconds from proven

built-in templates you'll be getting agency rights included so you can

monetize your client sites too and you'll also be unlocking our geo

targeting feature to skyrocket your conversions even more by displaying the

most relevant ads by location I can guarantee you that you've never

seen anything like what you're about to see on this page we've made profiting

from any site as simple as following three simple steps

step one is to download and install our WordPress plugin which takes no longer

then five seconds step two is to easily create and add your offers using our

built-in offer creator or simply paste in your absence code and step three is

to set your desired display settings and watch our plug-in instantly turn your

sites into a profit pulling machine we've created the best fastest and

the easiest way to monetize your sites using the power of automated banner ads our

The WordPress plugin allows you to easily create a plugin, manage it and display it on high

converting offers on your sites in a way that no other plugin can guarantee plus

today you'll be securing a huge 73 charter members discount and some

exclusive limited time bonuses are not available anywhere else however before

you go below this video and check out the demo video and everything else

you're getting during this exclusive launch special discount I'd like to play

a friendly bet do you I bet you that if you're watching this video you probably

own a website or two right or maybe you're in the process of

getting your website online or you're probably working with a client or two

that has a website right I'll also bet you that there's a good chance that

you wished your sites and or your client sites were making more money than they

are right now yes of course who in their right mind does not want their sites to make more

money however how about we jump into a quick reality check traffic without

offers will always equal zero profit, yes you heard that correctly everyone is

always talking about helping you get more traffic helping you get more

Rankings that help you get more traffic on social media that help you display better ads

to get more traffic talking about the latest untapped traffic source etc etc

however, here's what they don't tell you if you're not providing your visitors

with multiple chances to buy or click on offers on your sites, you will never make

money that's just a simple fact you can have hundreds of page one rankings you could

have hundreds of visitors going to your sites every day you can have your

content going viral on social media you can have the most beautifully designed

the website you can have the most amazing logo you can have the best content ever

written but without monetizing your sites properly you will never make money

period and it happens way too often many marketers who only have one or two

Secure The Bundle Package That’s Right For You Below

offers on their site they may have only one opt-in form or just one tiny page on

their site titled my products or my services and they're expecting for their

sales to be going through the roof with this minimal exposure

however, you want to know what the common denominator is between all the biggest

and the most profitable sites are they make it easy for you to buy and or

Click on offers on their sites and every

time you do

They get paid from all the biggest and most profitable online sites that offer deals

posted everywhere and that's the difference between your sites and the

For most profitable sites online you can't assume that your visitors are gonna go

to your my products page or that they're gonna opt into your list you have to

Make it easy for your visitors to see and click on your offers whenever they get the chance.

But before today you need to learn how to code or have a big budget

this is why we decided to create the fastest and easiest way to add

profitable offers to your sites under our new and powerful WordPress plugin

that allows you to monetize your sites with the number one most proven

The monetization strategy used by the largest and most profitable websites is 

banner advertising yep we've created the fastest and easiest way to create add

his to this

from this to this once you have activated you'll be able to

quickly and easily turn your site into profit-producing machines just like the

big boys do we have literally created the best WordPress plugin that allows

you to create add manage and deploy high converting offers to your sites and

record speed activate is perfect for affiliate marketers CPA marketers agencies

e-commerce blogs digital marketers authors service providers and everything

in between pretty much if you have a WordPress site and you want your site to

make more profit you need to activate and now you're probably wondering josh this

's amazing but how much so this is the time where I invite you to go below this

video and check out the demo video check out the example, and sites check out all the

features packed into activating check out the exclusive launch-only bonuses and

then finally pick the option that's right for you and of course, we also have

a 30-day money-back guarantee so you have zero risk but a ton of profit to

gain with our powerful WordPress plugin so go ahead and go below this video to

check out the incredible offer we have for you today okay so we are back this is the back end

the area we were where you'll be able to access your software but there are

multiple otos with this so the first upgrade you're going to see is that it

says supercharge your account by

want to be able to instantly remove all limitations and have the unlimited site

the license you can get a reseller license so you can sell your sites by activating

installed on it then you can pick this one up here again it's an optional

upgrade for your uh your sites here and this is a one-dollar trial and then it's

I mean you can try it out and cancel it if you want to uh it's up to you how you

want to do with that so the next one here is you can get the uh white label

right and put your branding or your client's branding on the plugin and make

it's so it looks like it's actually your plugin so if you're putting this on on

people's websites you don't want them to know that it's something that you've

purchased you want it to behave your branding on it you can get

this one of course it's going to cost more because you are essentially making

it looks like it's your software's next one here is an auto blogging plugin so you

can actually have your websites create content for you and now that you have

the activate software they'll all be monetized so it's a pretty cool addition

to the software the next one is it says to unlock the same three-step social

syndication software that gets us page one ranking so this is gonna help you

rank your websites as well with this now I've shown you all these different

upgrades there will also be a special link on my bonus page linking out to a

bundle discount now that bundle discount when you click on it will take you over to a

a place where you can get everything all together you can get the front-end offer

and all the different otos at a discounted price it's up to you how you

want to do this if you want to go through the sales funnel you can or you

can get everything for a special bundle discount price it's up to you do what

you want and don't feel pressured at all I never want you guys to feel pressured

to buy any of these offers but if you want to get that you can

okay so what do I like about this and what don't I like about it if I say

something that I don't like about it I don't want you guys to think that just

because you put up software on your website that you're automatically going

to start making tons of money from it that's not going to happen you you do

still need the traffic to your websites in order to make money from them however if

you are getting the traffic you want to make sure that you're making the most then definitely check this out thank you so much for checking out my review today

if you want to take a look at activating just go ahead and click that link below

Also, like this video, it really helps my YouTube channel and I appreciate it and make sure you

hit that Muchas gracias por visitar mi sitio web y por tomarse el tiempo. and bell

notification as always thank you so much for watching and I'll see you again in

my next review Blog thanks

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