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UNREAL SCENES! #Tuchel and Conte SQUARE OFF at full-time! Both managers red carded

HOW TO #UNREAL SCENES! #Tuchel and Conte SQUARE OFF at full-time!  #Both managers red carded

And it's finished [Applause] correction it's only just started in terms of dugout drama

been on a short fuse really for much of the game and Conte has certainly been

red carded and they'll have an indication down the line touchline bands and all that

and of course, he knows players like


red card for Thomas tucked as well well you can't say it hasn't been

brewing it was a match played in the first half

as if there was only one team in it

in the second half, they couldn't engage

more physicality and in terms of

football as well

as Chelsea will feel they've lost a couple of points

and spurs I think it's only the 14th premier

league point out of 93 on offer here in

the premier league

winning here

the last two campaigns have been difficult for Chelsea as well and

they've let it slip Jamie Carragher

yes and

you wouldn't change it one bit what a League we've got and that just sums up

the premier league on and off the pitch is absolutely fantastic can't take your

eyes off it for a minute well

this weekend

they were both in the premier league they've both been ever present in the

premier league, they drew their opening


not in the same circumstances that they've drawn the opening home game

the anniversary game if you like goodness me

goodness me

HOW TO #UNREAL SCENES! #Tuchel and Conte SQUARE OFF at full-time!  #Both managers red carded

everything we hoped it would be yes there'll be those of you saying well

it got out of hand and got a brilliant start in the premier

league, we really have these first two

weeks have been absolutely fantastic


two of the top four fitted together

in the second round of matches new faces

on both sides in the end

but maybe the same old rivalry but a bit

more than that for Tottenham

they've avoided defeat at Stamford

bridge and that takes a bit of doing

they've certainly got the point the hard

the way the dramatic way the rough and

tumble way if you like but they have

that point

and it's finished here amidst all the drama the debuts and

everything that's gone before Chelsea 2

Tottenham Hotspur 2.

that is why we love it

chaotic bad-tempered

brilliant Graeme soonest that's still a song yeah what an advert for our league absolutely

 fantastic I think what I have to say is the referees are having

been given um an order of direction this time it's all

a bit more going again and I think it makes for such a better watch okay it

led to these two managers getting excited with each other I'm sorry it's 

In the entertainment business, everybody who's watching's got an interesting

football would have enjoyed that game of football Chelsea were back by far the

better team and go away angry with themselves having only got a point spurs

have got out of jail that was great entertainment and what a footballing

contest Karen Carney we thought it was spurs get way back in it Chelsea find a

way to get ahead again but then the spurs having the final say absolutely to be

fair you never thought when Richardson came on I thought that's when it changed

for spurs, they brought a bit of spice but first, off they were too timid and

Chelsea dominated when charleston came it was a game changer and then the

whole the ante of the atmosphere and you

never ruled spurs out with those set

pieces the delivery in those last

minutes Kane missed his chance wasn't

really involved banging his steps up when

you wanted to but what spectacle for the

premier league there are some really good

performers in blue for Chelsea today

well they feel that's one that got away

though definitely, they were the best


I mean to be firm did that about five minutes before Aaron got the

equalizer I think they had three shots on targets go with two of them when you

Having that much of the ball you know they looked like an outstanding team today Chelsea

without having that real cutting edge I

I think we touched on it before for me for them to get back in and have a chance to

win this league and in the champions league I think we still think a goal gets

for me because a lot of the football was

excellent today

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