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Dallas Cowboys Vs Denver Broncos 2022 dallas cowboys score

Dallas Cowboys Vs Denver Broncos 2022 dallas cowboys score
So he can contribute to the broncos all season long on second down after the loss

there's Dowdle he'll pick up a couple of Mike Boone is the starting running back


and he'll get the carry and he'll be met in the backfield immediately

Neville Gallimore was able to get through this how are those conversations down the

field first down and 10? daddle out beyond the 40. and if you're joining us Jonas

Griffith was in fact in the starting

Dallas Cowboys Vs Denver Broncos 2022 dallas cowboys score

The lineup he was shaken up on the second play from scrimmage

and taken out of the game that's Jalen Tolbert in motion for

Dallas [Applause] rush to throw has a nice pocket coming

across the middle able to complete

that is Dennis Houston has the first down

yardage good looking pass and catch


push the pile for a few gonna throw for it rush took a big shot it's intercepted

picked off by the broncos PJ lock comes up with the pick

turnover Reid actually said the first time he ever met Russell Wilson was in

the suite at the avalanche game is pretty cool here's josh johnson taking a shot

down the field

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Dallas Cowboys Vs Denver Broncos 2022 dallas cowboys score

let's see they skip off the turf that's a catch and it's a grab Seth Williams is on the receiving end

there's johnson in the cowboy's territory now trying the left side on for sizeable to complete

[Applause] johnson rolled the pocket to the right and he was crushed and it goes as an

incomplete pass very fortunate to get rid of it in time Donald the ball carrier and he's got first down yardage

good run right up the middle from the 40. able to get out to the 45-yard line

here's cooper's rush good protection able to complete coming across the

middle there's Jalen Tolbert it's not the little kids it's the 42-year-old

head coach of the

The Broncos on fourth down knocked away singleton I think got a hand on it

thought he should have intercepted that too

from the Dallas 45. Dallas brings some pressure on johnson

takes the shot and is able to complete down

the sideline

Dallas Cowboys Vs Denver Broncos 2022 dallas cowboys score

what a grab he goes right back to Brandon johnson who hangs on to it there

's a flag down but what a play from inside the one josh wants to throw for it

up and caught a touchdown bronco, Seth Williams, from the 20.

first down to 10 now rush throw it out of the play action and able to complete

that's jake Ferguson the tight end rookie out of Wisconsin 4th round draft

pick by the cowboys and broncos only one penalty so far tonight so the lighter

the camp that the cowboys have played so far

not affecting how quickly they come out and give you a fast start out here Davis

out of the backfield listen to this broncos defence was already good last season the

better unit and a great defensive stand there that ball is batted away

they've made that transition this year hats off to George Payton that's a risk

hey you're a good inside linebacker we

want you to rush the passer it's already paying off for the bronco here's

Washington an opportunity to make some people miss

and he does stay on his feet out beyond the 35 and look at the

the emotion on that broncos sideline [Applause]

looking to give it to him and he is blown up in the backfield

rocked in a big way Terrell Basham for Dallas Basham indeed

johnson will shake it off stay in there

Dallas Cowboys Vs Denver Broncos 2022 dallas cowboys score

from the 49deep drop if you wanted something a little deeper and bigger slips down

shy of midfield here are johnson's steps and fires and able to complete

Eric Tomlinson his first catch of the game johnson and complete

[Applause] and the broncos roar again another touchdown for Denver

[Applause] rush the pocket breaks down the broncos are able to get there

it's baron browning of scrimmage just defensive dominance for the bronco

I'm sure you hated it you sound upset here's johnson to throw that in excellent second quarter josh

throw it on the run and being able to complete Brandon johnson too has been impressive

just one time out for the broncos sideline that's complete we'll see Ripon in the second half

as the quarterback competition for number two continues in Denver johnson loads and fires

such a confident throw able to complete the Kendall Hinton out-of-bounds stops

the clock football 101 the basics get lined up right so now from 52 and that's a chip shot

Dallas Cowboys Vs Denver Broncos 2022 dallas cowboys score

for Brandon McManus and that's how the half comes to an end focus on your craft go

have a night and we'll see Joaquin hardy his first carry of the night

I imagine that's easier said than done third down and 12.

rip in the straight drop throws going up high for it unable to bring it

down was trey Quinn you got the chance to be a quarterback here for the broncos

you're thinking really by the guy I'm competing against two Huggies and now i

have got to go throw in the rain beauty of a punt by anger Kaden Davis will let it bounce and it

will be downed at the one-yard line [Applause] so the broncos are indeed pinned back

inside the one Stevie Scott, the third is checked in but Ripon is thrown out of

the end zone and it is caught the big play coming out of the break Jalen Virgil

gryphon will move the pocket to his right and throw and nearly intercepted

and falls incomplete [Applause] cowboys take over from inside the five

and it's a completion down the sideline that's how you come out of a break

Brandon Smith from cooper rush after the broncos turn

it over needs to get his eyes focused and rely on his keys a little bit better

here to improve his play here's malik Davis across midfield nice


by the rookie out of Florida sloppy ball third and 15th Iannucci

trying to scramble out of there somehow he got away now on loads

and it's dropped this drive will be coached just as

critically as the first drive of this ball game, they want to see these guys


trying to set up the screen a hardy and the cowboys not falling for that

back for a third down and goal from the touchdown for the cowboys

faehoco is on the receiving end and Dallas will not be shut out tonight

tight ends go to it so that's a position that they want to keep solid for the

broncos this season grip and throwing on a third and three

and it is caught Virgil who has pumped tonight as well as having a very

nice pre-season game

see what Ripon does here in his fourth National football league season if it'll

step in there and nearly intercepted they want to see some other people some

other things

and let's see on fourth and six Take a shot why not and just a little too far

got it out beyond Jalen Virgil and that's remarkable just to have a few

short months to get your team in the right place defensively and offensively on

special teams this coaching staff is

working and they embrace the hard work it takes to create a great team there's

the pressure and it's matt Henningso and Jonathan convo able to get down ben

Dinucci on fourth down a lot of things

Dallas Cowboys Vs Denver Broncos 2022 dallas cowboys score

to be excited about if you're broncos fans and just the beginning of these

coaches and players going to continue to work to improve Nathaniel Hackett was

very clear with us in our meetings that they were going to continue to

improve that was a lot of work to do but they had an opportunity to win and they

did it tonight

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