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How to App Sumo Affiliate Review Best App Sumo Deals Ever

App Sumo Affiliate Review Best App Sumo Deals Ever

 so hello and welcome to my app sumo review overall app sumo is a website that

offers a wide variety of products for online marketers and online business

owners especially software and the cool thing is that they reach out or other

software companies will reach out t them what happens is app sumo allows you

to get these amazing lifetime deals or one-time payments are usually on software

that ends up rolling out to monthly payments so if you can get in on the

right software at the right time you'll get there for the right price and you'll

save a lot of money and your online business will save you in a nutshell

that's what app sumo is all about now let my kind of walk you through what they

have in the marketplace and so on and so forth and give you my ideas and thoughts

based upon the fact I've purchased a lot of software from this website

now they do have more than software and this is something that has kind of

got uh improved upon and added to a while ago

I feel like they only had software now they're adding more things like

courses creative assets ebooks and pdfs templates services and goods I'm not

going to be reviewing anything really on those topics there most specifically

because I've used the app sumo to buy a lot of software I've also been featured in

their blog which is a cool little side note either way as you can see when you

App Sumo Affiliate Review Best App Sumo Deals Ever

look through there are going to be plenty of software tools that you can choose

from you can even go through different categories if you look on the left

accounting design eCommerce Education social media videos and so on so

forth as you go through you're going to notice that some of them will say that

they actually end very soon the cool thing about this is that there are

plenty of reviews and reviews The more tacos it has the better it is so

these are all five out of five in fact this is amazing given the fact it not

only has 5 out of 5 but that's out of over 1 000 reviews okay so let me just

open this in a new window I'll show you what it looks like where you're going to

have the deal let's see what comes along with it they have a video for it

this is going to be with app sumo plus also, keep in mind

what it does benefits it pretty much tells you everything you get all the

features of course then there's going to be the pricing plan so for example based

upon this ai copywriting software if you purchased this at the time you would get

you know 7 500 total words per month If you got a two-tier license it would be

unlimited and of course, you get that and of course, the perks go up as you go so

that's the cool thing about it yes there is going to be a scarcity factor as you

can see not all of these are going to be around forever the idea for a lot of

software companies know that app sumo has a huge marketplace so what

they want to do is they want to reach out and say hey I have this awesome

App Sumo Affiliate Review Best App Sumo Deals Ever

the software can I be interested in you know having you put it on your site we can

give them a great deal and so on and so forth with the idea of building up a customer

base a fan base and of course they can grow from there so that's kind of how it

works for software companies how it works for you is you just get amazing

friggin deals okay a lot of these are as good as they sound they are given the

the fact that I'm always talking about if you can pay either recurring or you can

pay a much bigger chunk of change so to speak just to get a one-time

payment and a lifetime plan you certainly want to do that because after

certain months it pays for itself and it's just completely free you don't have

to make any other recurring payments so as you go down you'll see a lot of

these are going to be based on different categories of online business

like that's SEO friendly this is for email campaigns this is b2b cold

outreach I like that they have a lot of different types of software in terms of

categories which we talked about you can Search for them by tacos like I said the

more tacos the better it seems like a lot of the really good ones are closer

to the top, this has 244 5 out of 5. we can host discussions and create an event


App Sumo Affiliate Review Best App Sumo Deals Ever

and pretty much it's great because you get a lot of great feedback and

you'll see that they're going to be from verified people who have purchased these

they can talk about them in their reviews a lot of times there's going to

be questions that people ask let me scroll back up let's say go to the word hero

see if it talks about it they'll have the founder where they say what you get

faqs and they'll talk about seeing verified purchaser people who like it there's a

question section too so a lot of times people will ask questions and then

people can actually go into the creator and answer them so it's a really great

a place to keep in contact with the owner and ask your questions it's

not like you're going to get support there but I find that's really cool that

a lot of the big software tools that do well obviously want to reach out to

their customers and answer their questions so it's pretty much I'd say 90

awesome when it comes to app sumo and

then there are the 10 I do want to talk about now this doesn't discredit the app sumo

in any way shape or form but given the fact that some things can be

lifetime or most of them up there are going to be instances where you know a

the company wants to do well they hope to build up this big customer base and then

for whatever reason, they like to have to shut down I'm not saying that this

happens with every product and that's certainly not app sumo to blame it's just

something to keep in mind that when you do get a lifetime plan a lot of time

they're getting that one-time payment and the fact that they're not getting

monthly payments if they're not really building upon their software their

online business it's going to be hard to keep that up so that is something I have

seen happen I know it did with like an email checker tool where you put in the

emails and make sure you know nothing's there are no bad emails you can kind of

clean your list and it like it got

bought out to something else you know and then that was that not the biggest

deal in the world like it's just something that can happen not to blame

app sumo but it's something you just need to keep in mind when it comes to

lifetime deals it's kind of the push and pull in terms of like pros and cons

but overall app sumo is certainly a great place if you are looking for discount

software uh I definitely recommend at

App Sumo Affiliate Review Best App Sumo Deals Ever

least checking it out you can go through sort by the type of software you want

the categories that you're looking for and of course, there's going to be a lot

of things keep in mind they will not be on here forever like I said there is a

timer on a lot of these they'll end in three days two days whatever it's going

to be but all in all, highly recommend it if you're thinking about trying

something out goes ahead and checks out the specific software look in the questions

and answers check out the reviews see how people feel about it and then you

can go from there plus they do have a refund policy i

don't remember off the top of my head I think it's around 30 days don't quote me

precisely but you can always check that

out when it comes to actually create your account and going through the app sumo

overall either way thank you so much for watching I hope you got a little value

out of this, I've spent a good amount of money on app sumo so that's been my

the experience overall it's been a great one so what I had was one little piece of software that's

not around anymore I still save a ton of money given the fact that I don't have

to pay monthly for quite a few software tools

and that's always a good thing thank you so much for watching and enjoy

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